Tim McGlashen

This is a simple tribute to one of the most remarkable people I have ever known,

Tim McGlashen.

    Tim McGlashen was more than a friend. Tim was a brother from another mother, a comrade in the Grape Sister's Enableance Group, a fearless driver for Koelsch Gallery transportation division, a damn good spotter, and my son's godfather. Tim was the most reliable, on time person I have ever known. As a former Army Ranger, Tim was always on time and on target.

    Tim did not like boats or to fly. Not that he would not ride in a boat or fly in an airplane, but, probably because he was trained to jump out of them.

    On August 28th 1999, Tim and Mike Jones presided over my wedding ceremony on the beach in Akumal, Mexico. It was very special to my self and my wife to be, franny (yes lower case).

    Along with the many sad hours since he passed on July 12th. 2005, there have been countless stories told in rememberance. Remarkable stories. Some long stories, some short, but all good memories.

    Tim was very special to me, and I know he would want us all to remember the good times. Tim was not only a rock star, to me he was just Tim. A person I love and miss.



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